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Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation Company in Ontario, CA

When your home is flooded or showing signs of mold, it can be quite a stressful time. As anyone that has ever had a basement full of water can tell you, it can be difficult to keep a level head in the situation. That is what you must do, though, and the next step is to dial our number.

Cut N Dry Restoration is here to ensure that your home does not suffer any excessive damage due to sewer and water flooding, mold growth, or other issues. When you contact us to handle your cleanup services, you can count on great workmanship delivered swiftly. Dial our number to schedule outstanding sewer and water damage mitigation, mold remediation, and hazardous material abatement in Ontario, CA.

Call for Sewer and Water Damage Mitigation

It is stressful enough to discover that potable water from your plumbing system is backing up into your home, let alone sewage from your sewer line! Both scenarios are very possible, though, and resolving the issue swiftly is a must. From the first step of getting the water out of your house to prevent the problem from doing real damage, ours is the number to dial. When it comes to sewer and water damage mitigation in Ontario, CA, you want to be working with us.

Prevent Flood Damage

Even "minor" flooding can do real damage in your home. If your house should flood for any reason, you should waste time trying to figure out who to call. Not only do we handle initial water extraction services, but we can see to it that the water flooding your home does not damage it excessively. Let us be your flood damage experts. In stressful times, it pays to work with qualified professionals. Give us a call should you encounter any flooding.

Mold Remediation Cannot Wait

There are few issues that one may face in his or her home that are as worrisome as mold growth. Mold takes root fast, and it can cause serious damage to your home while also putting your health at risk. The fact of the matter is that only trained professionals can handle your mold remediation services. When we get the mold out of your home, you won’t have to worry about any being left behind, or about us causing it to spread.

Let Us Handle Your Hazardous Material Abatement Service

Do you have lead paint in your home that must be removed now that you have a child on the way? Are you concerned about mold growth in your residence? Does your older home still have asbestos within? There are a lot of materials that can cause you harm if they are present in your living space. Fortunately for you, we offer exceptional hazardous material abatement services in Ontario, CA. Call today to learn more.

Sometimes, You Have to Leave Cleaning and Sanitizing to the Pros

You obviously don’t need to hire a professional to do your dishes or sweep your floors – though doing so would certainly be nice! When it comes to deep cleaning a foreclosed property, though, or sanitizing a filthy rental that was left in bad condition, it can really pay to call in professionals. We do it all, including antimicrobial treatments to eliminate the threat of biological pollutants. Give us a call if you need any professional cleaning or sanitizing services in your property.

We Also Offer Carpet Cleaning

It can be nice to step onto a plush, comfy carpet, but let’s face it: they can get pretty gross. If your carpets stink due to pet odors, or if you have old stains that you cannot even remember the source of, ours is definitely the number to call. We can clean your carpets much more effectively than you could hope to do so with store bought cleaners. Let us restore your carpets to the glory you remember fondly.

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