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The Details Behind Graffiti Removal

We all know that graffiti remains a major problem in many modern communities. It's defacement, plain and simple, and is seen as a crime of vandalism. The widespread presence of graffiti can hurt property values, drive away business, encourage criminals and leave behind an attitude of non-caring in a town or city. It can show up on busses, buildings, public monuments and private property.

Removing graffiti can be challenging, especially when an important structure holds personal or historic significance. Our experts are well-trained in its removal and know how to eliminate graffiti from all types of masonry, for example, without harming either the surface or the substrate.

Don't Try This Alone, Or.....

Here at Cut N Dry Restoration, we understand how damaging graffiti can be cosmetically, physically and emotionally for the victims of this selfish act.

Our professionals provide professional graffiti removal in Los Angeles as well as in San Bernardino, Riverside as well as numerous Los Angeles Counties and know how to identify the paint/substances that were used to create the graffiti, the particular masonry that was defaced, for instance, and use the proper cleaning methods and materials to remove it. Trying to eliminate unsightly graffiti on your own can result in disfigurement or damage of the surface.

Spray Paint Is Not The Only Culprit

Harsh chemicals and abrasives can do more harm than good when applied to zap away graffiti. Although spray paints are the go-to product used for most graffiti expression and contain pigments, binders and solvents, some of them are made with dyes instead. These particular paints and markers can penetrate more deeply into a surface’s pores and cause more extensive damage.

Grafitti artists have broadened their palettes by using various materials to leave their marks behind. Some of these would include liquid shoe polish, chalk, ballpoint pen, wax and oil crayons, Sharpie brand permanent markers, battery acid and even lipstick.

As the act of graffiti defacement increases, our restoration experts at Riverside County Graffiti Removal believe that it is essential for technology and science to rise to the occasion. An environmentally-friendly cleaning system with a quick and cost-effective removal are the best ways of achieving the proper solution.

Here at Cut N Dry Restoration, we know how to tackle the issue and work with the complications that can make graffiti removal an arduous mission. During our free on-site consultation, our professional team will determine the type of surface affected, the type of graffiti medium used and the removal solution to apply.

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Our technicians are highly trained and fully certified, and you're in good hands. For the finest in San Bernardino Graffiti Removal services call Cut N Dry Restoration at 909-829-5002, or visit us online and on social media here.