Why Does My Home Smell Musty?

water stained ceiling

My House Smells Musty. How Do I Fix It?

Does your home have an unpleasant musty odor that you can’t seem to find the source of? Your home may have water damage and, as a result, you could be smelling mold or mildew growing in places that may or may not be visible.

There are several reasons you may be smelling a strange odor in your home.

What Causes Musty Odors?

Musty-smelling air is a sign that your home may have a serious underlying issue. Factors like the following can change the way your home smells:

Now that you know the potential causes of musty odor inside your home, you should look for the source.

How Do I Locate the Source of the Smell?

First, you should note where exactly you smell the odor in your home. Is it only in one room, a few rooms, or is it noticeable around the entire house? If you have a water leak in a bathroom or washroom that hasn’t been noticed until the smell arrived, it may be a simple fix. However, if you smell the odor in multiple rooms, then you may need to call an expert to access the situation and locate the source of water damage for you.

How Can I Fix the Damage?

Luckily, in some cases, mold can easily be cleaned with a solution or bleach product. However, if that doesn’t work, here are a few other suggestions to try while you wait on a professional to help you fix the problem:

  • Ventilate enclosed spaces by opening a window or leaving the door open

  • Clean any visible mold left behind by moisture with a cleaning solution

  • Turn on fans to circulate air in rooms that don’t have windows

  • Open windows and doors to let in fresh air and rid your home of old-smelling, stale air

  • Deep clean carpets with spills to get eliminate odors that have settled over time

  • Get your pipes checked and cleaned by a professional

  • Contact a professional to clean and help repair water damage

Calling a professional when the smell doesn’t go away is your best bet to solving your musty smell issue. Our expert cleaners at Cut N Dry Restoration in Rancho Cucamonga, CA knows how serious water damage can be, especially if it’s gone undetected for quite some time.

Call us today at (909) 829-5002 so we can act fast and fix your home’s water damage!

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