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Storm Damage 'A Cut Above The Rest'


Restoring Your Home After Storm-Related Water Damage

California can always stand to benefit from some rain, especially during the long, dry summer season. Of course, too much of a good thing can often have bad results, and storm water is no exception to the rule. If heavy rains lead to storm damage in your home, you can trust our staff to resolve the issue completely.

Storm damage restoration in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is not the type of job that just anyone can handle. That is why you must be sure to work with restoration professionals that are truly a cut above the rest. The fact that you are reading this means that you are on your way to doing so!

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Storm Damage Restoration is More than Water Extraction

When storm water tears its way through your home, the first and most obvious service that you’ll need is water extraction. We can handle this facet of the job with incredible skill and expertise. Not only do we have the right tools for doing so, but the experience and training as well. When storm water threatens your property, we will be there to intervene on your behalf.

It really does not take long for water to do real damage to one’s home, so the use of powerful submersible pumps is a great way to get water out fast. Industrial grade wet vacs may be used as well. Even if the water is gone, though, dampness must be addressed. We’ll dry out and dehumidify your home after a storm water event in order to eliminate the risk of further issues developing.

Available 24/7 for Emergency Storm Water Damage Repair

There are a lot of companies out there that may be able to handle the removal of water from a home when a plumbing pipe bursts, but storm damage is much more complex and requires particular expertise. You need to know that your storm damage restoration professionals are able to deal with the situation correctly.

At Cut N Dry, we do everything from water extraction to deep cleaning and sanitizing, structural drying, and antimicrobial treatments where necessary. Should a storm take a severe toll on your home, we are not going to wait until the sky clears up in order to get your house under control. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we have the training, tools, and resources that we need to complete your storm damage restoration services promptly.

Comprehensive Flood Cleanup & Insurance Assistance

Depending upon the extent of any damage to your home, the restoration process can be rather involved. In many cases, simply replacing some drywall may be required. In the event of extensive damages, we are there with you throughout the process, ensuring that your insurance company is kept in the loop and that you get the full coverage that you deserve. From removing water to reinstating your HVAC system, you can trust our staff to do the job right.

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Honest Reviews From Real Customers

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  • Were able to get the mold cleared up for us in just a few minutes! These guys went above and beyond and will absolutely be our first call when/if we ever need restoration service in the future.

    “If in need of help, please consider giving them your business.”

    - Caleb Rothe
  • What an amazing team. Thanks for everything. A very professional and helpful group of people.

    “They are professional and work in a timely manner.”

    - Debbie T.
  • Cut N Dry was excellent, professional, honest, reasurring, and informative. Thank you Cut N Dry Restoration for your assistance in this most difficult time.

    “It was great doing business with the company in my most difficult time of need to stop any additional damages to my property.”

    - Shelia Taylor
  • They documented the damage and billed my parents home owners insurance. The process went very smooth. My parents are sooooo happy with the outcome.

    “My parents called out Cut N Dry Restoration and they went right to work. Eric Stansell and company where very professional.”

    - Chef W.
  • Clean up was great and was being extra careful with everything because he knew the baby was sleep.

    “Mr Raymond was very nice and courteous.”

    - Bernita Perry


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