Follow These Steps Immediately After Water Damage

water damaged drywall

If your home has been flooded for any reason, it is vital to take quick action to minimize the damage. This will likely mean turning off the power, contacting your insurance provider, and getting rid of as much water as possible before a restoration company arrives. As a general rule, anything that isn’t dried out within 24 hours will need to be fully replaced.

Here’s What You Need to Do Following a Flood Event

Prioritize Your Safety

Ideally, you won’t wade through any water that looks as if it may be contaminated by sewage, pathogens or pesticides. Generally speaking, contaminated water will have a green or brown hue, while clean water will be clear or slightly cloudy. Plus, it’s dangerous to remove standing water near an exposed wire or any other object that might conduct electricity.

In either scenario, it is in your best interest to wait for a water damage restoration professional to arrive before attempting to take action after a flood or burst pipe. This is generally true even if doing so might result in additional damage to your home or the items inside of it. If contaminated water is blocking your path to the circuit breaker, call your local utility provider. Doing so may allow for your power to be turned off remotely.

Wear Protective Equipment While Walking Through Your Home

Even if the water that damaged your home is safe to walk through, it doesn’t mean that you should do without protective gear. Wearing waterproof boots or rain pants can protect your clothes or skin from getting wet and cold while working in the basement. They can also protect your feet or legs from being cut, scraped, or impaled by pieces of debris on the floor. It may also be in your best interest to wear a hard hat, goggles, and gloves. Finally, be sure to wear a respirator to minimize the risk of inhaling mold or other spores that can proliferate in a damp environment.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It’s generally a good idea to contact your insurance company as soon as you know that you’ll be filing a claim. In most cases, the restoration company that you hire to clean your home will be able to work with your insurance provider to obtain payment for services rendered. When you file a claim, be sure to include any photos or video footage you took in the immediate aftermath of a storm, pipe burst, or other event.

Keep Copies of Home Maintenance Records

An insurance claim might be denied if the water damage to your home resulted from homeowner negligence. For instance, if moisture got into your home through a hole in the roof you knew about, you might be on the hook to cover any subsequent repair costs. However, including an invoice from a roofing company indicating that an effort was made to fix that hole might be enough to get your claim approved.

If your home is inundated by water, you must call a water restoration professional immediately. Doing so may prevent significant damage to your home, and it may also allow you to expedite the process of repairing or replacing floors, walls, or other items.

Turn to the Rancho Cucamonga Area Restoration Experts

The technicians at Cut N Dry Restoration are certified by the Institute of Inspection and Restoration Certification and are highly trained to mitigate the damage caused by a flood, sudden leak, or storm. We’ll restore your home to its original condition, ensure a safe, mold-free environment. To schedule your appointment, call (909) 829-5002.

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