Tips to Clean Your Home After a Halloween Party

Halloween party.

3 Easy Hacks to Clean Your Home After Halloween

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays during the fall season. If you’re planning to have a gathering of family and friends for a fun Halloween party, you’re going to have to clean up after. The good news is that our team at Cut N Dry Restoration knows all about cleaning and we have a few useful tips to help you get through the madness!

1. Cleaning Pumpkin Residue

Fall is the season of pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, and all things pumpkin flavored! That means you and your family may find yourself trying to figure out how to clean up all of the pumpkin seeds and residue that’s leftover.

You can easily clean and prepare for pumpkin carving by laying down newspaper or some other paper you have lying around and simply toss it in the trash when you’re done. If there’s pumpkin residue left on surfaces, you can use a mild household cleaning spray or dishwashing liquid and warm water to simply wipe it away!

2. Halloween Makeup

Your best-dressed guests may accidentally leave behind makeup on your surfaces. You can clean makeup with a powerful surface cleaner and spot remover for cloth surfaces. If you have oil-based stains, you can leave the spot remover on the stain for at least five minutes and gently dab or rub it away depending on the material.

3. Sticky Candy

For most Halloween get-togethers, candy is usually the star of the show. Sticky and crushed candy, while they taste delicious, can be a nightmare to clean because it gets everywhere.

Clean half-eaten and melted candies by soaking a rag in hot water and compressing it in areas where the candy is stuck to a surface. Some candies may stain certain materials, and in that case, you can try to use alcohol to remove it rather than a warm compress.

Cleaning Services in Rancho Cucamonga

Our team at Cut N Dry Restoration has more helpful cleaning solutions that can be used year-round! We provide cleaning services for all occasions like carpet cleaning, sanitization, water restoration services, and more! Contact us for your cleaning needs at (909) 829-5002 today!

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