Most Common Causes of Water Damage in Your Home

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There are many reasons a home experiences flooding problems, and no matter what the cause is, it can be a nightmare to clean up and repair. Understanding the most common reasons for water damage and home flooding events, and the best ways to protect against it can significantly minimize the risk. There are three primary causes of in-home flooding. In each of these situations, the flooding can be sudden and unexpected. However, there are ways to help protect against these events occurring through proper planning and maintenance. Understanding how to empower yourself against potential home flooding can save you against financial loss, damage to your home, and the headaches of clean-up, but when a flood gets the best of you, call our experienced team at Cut N Dry Restoration.

Burst Hot Water Heaters Cause Flooding

When a hot water heater bursts, the volume of water from the tank can empty and fill a basement or furnace area. While homeowners cannot always tell when their unit is failing, having an annual maintenance check of the system can be helpful in early detection of problems. Like all mechanical units, hot water heaters do not last forever and eventually will fail. However, not all hot waters heaters that fail will flood a home. Burst hot water tanks usually occur from too much pressure within a system which can happen if the pressure release valves or other components of the unit fail. Hot water heaters that are older than ten years should be checked for signs of weakness by a professional on an annual basis to catch early signs of trouble.

Flooding Rain Causes Water Damage

While California has not always been known to have significant flooding, much of this has changed in the last five years. Intensified weather systems and flash flooding have become more problematic, causing significant increases in flooding damage. While homeowners have time to prepare for extended rain events and major storms systems, some storms crop up quickly and dump large amounts of rain in a short time. This can cause flash flooding, which can be just as damaging to homes as longer storm events that cause flooding.

In the last several years flash flooding has become more problematic throughout the state and the country. While drought was predominant just two years ago, significant rain events over the last eighteen months have brought the state out of drought conditions. Yet even though many of these rain events helped stabilize the state’s water supply, they can also cause flooding damage. To help protect against this, hiring a professional landscape company to create natural landscape barriers around the home can help protect against sudden flooding events. Since all land has different elevations and plantings, a professional landscape design plan can be especially helpful to protect your home from sudden rising waters.

Water Damage Caused by Broken Pipes and Water Mains

This is a common cause of home flooding. Over time, pipes age and can rust. Additionally, if recent work has been done on the home involving plumbing upgrades, inadvertent damage can occur that later crops up as a burst pipe. Watching for signs of leaking pipes is the best way to ensure you catch early signs of potential flooding by burst water pipes.

On occasion, municipal water mains can burst as well. This can cause some street and home flooding depending on where a home is located. Proper landscaping is the only way to prevent this type of flooding event.

If flooding of your home occurs, the best way to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible with minimal damage is through professional restorations services. With Cut N Dry Restoration services, property owners who are faced with flooding in LA County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County can get immediate emergency flooding damage home restoration and clean-up. With our fast and professional Cut N Dry Restoration services, your home will be cleaned from flooding damage and back to normal in no time. We offer both residential and commercial property damage restoration for Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino County residents. Call us today for a consultation.

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