Beyond the Nursery: Preparing Your Home for a New Baby

Nursery room

Whether this is your first baby or third, the last thing you want is germs floating around to distress its immune system. Granted, if this is your third child, you probably aren't quite as picky, but you still want your home free from anything that could make your baby sick. While your nursery is prepped and primed, the rest of your home may not be as ready. Read on to find out how you can get the rest of your house prepared for your new addition.

Restore Damaged Areas and Appliances

When looking at your home in the lens of a new parent, you might notice some things stand out- like that outdated toaster oven with splitting wires or water stains from a leaky pipe. Then you notice the sofa could use some tender loving care. Pet hair and food have done some damage there and it looks a little too lived in. Now is a good time to assess all these issues and get it taken care of. Taking inventory of what’s wrong allows you to baby-proof your home and make it safe.

Sanitizing Goes a Step Further Than Cleaning

Performing a deep clean is probably on your list of things to get done but you can take it a step further. Everyday germs can be wiped out with specially formulated chemicals that are safe for humans and animals. This can also get rid of allergens in your home that might not bother an adult but could impact a newborn's tender respiratory system. It's never a bad thing to sanitize for allergies, regardless. Clean indoor air is better for everyone.

Tackle the Garage

With a new addition to your family comes more stuff- baby wipes, toys, and accessories. And where does all of it go when it is no longer needed? The garage. If you're a step away from becoming a hoarder, you might need the garage shoveled out to make room for all those baby toys. Not that you're really a hoarder, but a garage full of boxes that have accumulated for years could attract some unwelcome rodents. If there are any rodent nests or feces there could be dangerous germs like hantavirus. That type of mess requires careful and methodical cleanup. Try getting your garage organized and donate some unwanted items so your garage doesn’t pile up.

It can be nerve-wracking to get your home in order for your special delivery but Cut N Dry can help you get ready. Contact us at (909) 829-5002 and ask about our cleaning & sanitizing services!

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