How To Make Your Home Feel Brand New Again

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Is your home feeling a bit drab? Maybe the charm that once attracted you to your home now feels outdated. At Cut N Dry Restoration, we are passionate about taking care of homes and restoring it to its full potential. That’s why we have all the ways you can spruce up your home again without breaking the bank.

A new paint job

Something as small as painting a room can do wonders for upgrading the feel. It’s completely normal for your walls to get dinged with scuff marks and chips, but it can make your walls feel dated. Spend a day cleaning up the walls or give it a new color completely.

Refresh your hardwood floors

Think about the beating your floors endure— high heels, shifting furniture, and pet nails. A deep clean to your flooring can help enhance your home. An inexpensive way to get the shine back is through polishing. Here are the steps:

  • Clean your floors of any dust and dirt with a broom.

  • Mop the floor with a wood floor cleaner to clear away any lingering grime.

  • Dry the area thoroughly with a towel.

  • Pour wood polish on the floor and disperse the solution with a flat-surface mop.

Your floors should now be looking spick and span! Just remember to stick to a regular maintenance schedule to keep your floors looking new year long.

Touch up your appliances

Daily use can wear down your appliances. If you see scratches and rust on your once new washer and dryer or refrigerator, a simple touch up can help.

Replace door handles

A small way to upgrade the finishing of your home is to replace any outdated knobs. You can even go as far as replacing all the handles for a more cohesive look to your home.

Upgrade lighting and replace old fixtures

Did your home come with bulky lighting fixtures that you never bothered to replace? Give your home an updated look by getting rid of those and installing recessed lighting. It has a sleek design and doesn’t take up any space! You should also consider replacing your home’s lights to energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Schedule a professional cleaning

Sometimes cleaning is best left to professionals. Of course, this doesn’t mean someone is going to come and pick up the clutter on your floor. We’re talking about a deep sanitizing or professional carpet cleaning that gets rid of contaminants and allergens.

With these tips equipped, you can make your home feel brand new again. If you’re interested in expert cleaning and sanitizing services in the San Bernardino County, contact┬áCut N Dry Restoration.

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