Mistakes You Make Every Time You Go On Vacation

Couple leaving for vacation

It’s officially the holiday season! For many families, this means gathering your bags and embarking on a fun-filled vacation. With all the planning that goes into the trip, you might neglect to safeguard your home, leaving it open to vandalism. What could be worse than returning home, exhausted from travel, and finding out someone damaged your property? Learn from these mistakes below so you can leave for your trip, knowing your home is safe.

1. Forgetting to lock windows and doors

While this may seem obvious, it’s the most important. In the whirlwind of departing for your trip, it’s easy to leave windows and doors unlocked. Perhaps you told your kids to do it and they forget. Even leaving one, hard-to-reach window opens your home up to burglars. It’s important to double check and make sure everything is locked up. You can never be too safe.

2. Leaving without a house sitter

Part of the planning for your trip should include recruiting a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member to look over your home while you’re gone. If there’s anything that must be taken care of, such as watering plants or collecting packages, they can do this for you. You should also give them any spare keys you have hidden outside so robbers can’t find them.

3. Making it clear there’s no one home

If someone has been lurking around your neighborhood, they’ll be looking for these telltale signs that a house is empty:

  • Packages and newspapers piling up

  • An empty driveaway

  • All the lights are turned off

You can take measures to make sure your home looks occupied. Ask your neighbor or house sitter to safely put away mail, newspapers, and packages or have the post office hold them. You might also want to consider asking them to park in your driveway to make it appear like everything is normal. You can also install an electrical timer switch that turns on your lights at a specific time that you set.

4. Posting about your vacation on social media

Be sure you don’t reveal pertinent details about your trip on social media. These public forums have a way of getting your information out to just about anyone. If you announce the dates and locations of your trip, you’re letting people know your home is unoccupied. Wait until you’ve returned to post the highlights of your trip.

If your property has been affected by careless vandals, contact Cut N Dry Restoration at (909) 829-5002 and we’ll fix any damage and restore your home to its previous condition.

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